CSTF TechAwards 2017 Promo and Tech Giants 2017 Report


Hello, Welcome to CSTechFans – TechAwards 2017 Promo: We have an exciting announcement of our First Grand CSTF TechAwards.

CSTechFans is one of the Leading Tech Blogs entirely focused on Technology of Microsoft, Google & Apple. Being an Leading Tech Blog, we are bringing you TechAwards. We will be giving Awards to Technology created by various big TechGaints.

Awards will be of different types of different categories like Mobile, Computer, Laptops, 2 in 1’s , VR/MR/AR Headsets, etc.

TechGaints 2017 Stats

Apple Inc. Phenomenal iPhone Devices

Apple this year was quite most of the time until last month when Apple announced it’s long rumored iPhone X & 8. Thought the company was (is) expecting to become first Trillion Dollar Company on the Planet after iPhone X sales, might be we will know about it their future Earnings Event.

Google | The Same Things Differently

Google announced it’s Android Oreo Platform this Year, though rumors of Android P are already on the corner. Google announced an Fabulous Pixel Laptop running Chrome OS to take on Microsoft Surface Laptop! Google recently announced it’s Pixel 2 Smartphone & even hired HTC’s Mobile Business.

Amazon : The New Official TechGaint!

Amazon tuned into an Billion Dollar Companies soon over the years. But, this year the YoY Growth (%) of Amazon was just Fabulous as compared to other ones. There are near to cross $500 Billion Dollar Record. The company is expected to break many records of others soon. Jeff Bezos this year Officially surpassed ‘Bill Gates’ to become “World’s Richest Person”for nearly 4 Hours! The Company is doing well with its Cloud Platform & MarketPlace.

Microsoft | The Defending Champion


Surface Book i7 Launch

The Defending Champion (TechAwards 2016) Microsoft, last year made huge accouncements new surfaces were introduced, etc. The Surface Studio Killed MacBook Pro, SurfaceBook i7 introduced with 16 hours battery life and lots more. But this year, Microsoft Introduced many Products for the Windows Mixed Reality at its events & partnering with many OEM’s like Samsung, HP, Dell, etc to provide MR Headsets. Moreover, Microsoft introduced Surface Laptop running Windows 10 S OS & Surface Pro (2017)(5). Although Microsoft was mostly quite on it’s Windows Mobile Projects. Windows 10 continues to Roar with more than 500 Million active devices. But, the PC shipments are falling YoY!

And at the end of the Event, we will revel “The Tech Giant of the Year” : Apple/Google/Amazon/Microsoft.

Last Year’s Winner : Microsoft (TechGaint Champion) will they retain it?

Event will be Live On the Blog : CSTechFans & on YouTube (In Video Format) later.