Genuine Ways to Earn Money online


Hello welcome to CSTechFans and today we’re going to talk about Top ways to earn money online!

1. Blogging

One of the best ways to earn passive income from online is that of blogging. Blogging is an art of writing post which gives required information or connects you to user by some means. To become a perfect blogger first you want to learn how to create a website. you need to learn about wordpress/Joomla/Drupal, PHP, HTML, web hosting, web domain, DNS servers, etc. With an investment of a few bucks you can get your domain name by various domain registrars like Godaddy, bigrock, etc. And finally once you have enough visitors and your website becomes trending you can implement AdSense code in it . With the help of AdSense you can easily earn money from your website via Targeted Ads whenever user Clicks on the ads or even whenever someone visits your website.

2. Freelancer

Okay the best way to earn money is with the help of your skills so with the help of freelancer you can invest the skills you already have earned. Freelancer is an online platform with the help of which Freelancers can earn money by doing some jobs assigned.

3. PTC & BTC Sites

Ok the next option to earn online money is PTC and BTC websites, they pay you for some job or action like to visit a website or to like a page or video. However major earning from such kind of websites is not that much that you can earn from blogger or freelancer. If you really want to earn from this websites then you need many referrals. I have seen many users that are very excited at the start but after Day After day the enthusiasm ends and finally they give up on such kind of things.

Here is a link which might be helpful for you :Invest in BitCoins : Cloud Mining | Cryptocurrency | Shares

4. Stock Trading

This is one of the obvious choice if you really serious about earning money in this ever changing world the best way to invest your money is through stocks of various trusted multinational companies.

Here is a link which might be helpful for you :How to invest in Microsoft, Apple, and Alphabet Stocks from India?

5. Develop Apps/Softwares

Windows 10 Cover Photo
Windows 10 Cover Photo

This is the world of Computers, Mobiles, Tablets , Xbox Consoles, Hololens, etc. There’s always a requirement for anything in these categories.

6. Buy/Sell Domain Names

Really concerned about domain names. This this would be and good example, I brought 5 domain names if one of them is really very interesting and is a short but sweet domain name and very catchy then you can try to sell it for more bucks than you brought it.

7. Write a EBook

Ok writing ebooks can also be a great potential to earn money online. There are many platforms where you can earn money by selling this ebooks via amazon kindle, etc.

8. Facebook/YouTube

Facebook Being the world’s largest social media. It has great potential to attract visitors to you if your content is really very good, if you provide a much better quality content to others. With the help of Facebook monetization introduced by the company this year. You can earn money through banner ads, video ads and even from websites. Facebook might be a good alternative to adsense for some users. You can create a niche page & promote it & earn 💰 through Affiliates or monetization.
YouTube being the world’s second largest search engine, owned by Google itself. Many people are trying to create their own youTube channels so that they can easily earn some money but its not as simple as it sounds, earning money through youTube videos can be a tough for a newbie. A much more dedication is required for that. But if your quality is good and you have confidence on your talent you can easily achieve any success.

There are infinite ways to earn money online you just need to find the right spot at the right time to do it.

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