The ChipSet Battle : INTEL v Qualcomm


Hello, welcome to CSTechFans & today we have a dangerous news for the hardware enthusiasts. Last year at WINHEC 2016, Microsoft announced that from Fall 2017, we will see new Windows 10 Devices running on Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors (AMD).

But, we all know Intel tried there best to make a mobile processor for the emerging mobile market but, ultimately failed to create an effective mobile x86 processor for both phone and tablet and recently shutting down their wearable initiative. Qualcomm made the best use of there CPU’s for mobile & succedded. But, now Qualcomm is looking to enter into the legacy PC market with partnership of Microsoft itself ( INTEL is also a big partner of MSN).

Intel’s business is under siege from a variety of fronts, and unlike Microsoft the company has not been able to diversify beyond their core PC processor market — MSPowerUser

INTEL is doing it’s best to keep them away from it & tried to make it more complex by supporting Apple which is having a lawsuit against Qualcomm. Moreover INTEL is Qualcomm’s only remaining competitor into the market for premium LTE based processor modems. Intel has already warned Qualcomm that their ARM code on Windows 10 would infringe their patents. Surely, within a few timespan we are likely to see INTEL & Qualcomm in court. However, it’s worth noting that Intel’s modems are a bit lesser in processing power than that of Qualcomm. The main thing is that the most profitable company between this two will be the third “Microsoft”. As more & more competiton increases we will see more Windows 10 Devices running on SnapDragon 835+ & Intel legacy Pentium processors. This will ensure that more powerful features will come to Windows 10 Ecosystem like better LTE support, High/Low adequate performance, better battery life & much more is in case. It would be interesting to know what happens next. Stay tuned with CSTechFans for future updates. Please like our Facebook page for extra stuff.