The Future of Android Decoded : Death of Android


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Why Google want an New Operating System?

Along with Android and Chrome OS, Google is reportedly developing a third mobile operating system codenamed “Fuchsia. Both the Chrome OS and Android are based on the open-source Linux platform which is both old and plagued. According to Google’s official Statements Android has become hugely fragmented through the millions of third-party devices around the world that run it.

Google New OS : Fuchsia

Android has suffered from some extremely severe problems. 
Many of the problems facing Android come down to it being open source. Android is all about being open, which means that once Google has released a new version, the OEMs and carriers are free to alter with it to their hearts’ content. That then results in both the fragmentation OEMs loading the code onto any and every device form factor they can think of, and the problems with updates Google can’t push Android direct to devices because God knows what modifications and alteration have been done, both cosmetic and structural, to the code
The Second and main point is of Security as being widely used there many venerable threats to it and of being open source any one with good related knowledge and of bad intension could be a harm to it.
Another problem with Android is that it’s based on Linux, and Linux is both old and plagued by legal issues.
The Linux kernel was never designed for smartphones and IoT devices, and yet here we are shoe-horning it onto these devices. Sure, the kernel’s been furiously tweaked or altered, but tweaking can only go so far, especially when you’re trying to optimize power consumption or when a platform that can run in real-time is required and the Linux kernel isn’t real-time and instead uses a scheduler.

Advantages of a Totally New Operating system by Google

A totally new, built from the ground-up platform could free OEMs from being shackled to expensive patent licensing deals.
Google is looking to an era beyond the Linux kernel, and the end of the Linux kernel ultimately means the end of Android. This operating system not only could be built from the ground up so as to be optimized for today’s devices.
Google could license this platform to hardware developers, as opposed to using the open source model.
Licensing would give Google greater control over the hardware that Android was loaded onto. No more junk that can barely run the OS. No more devices being launched running years-old releases with no hope of an update.

This would truly be a platform for the 21st century. You will be seeing a new era of Mobile computing in next coming years. — V Sonpir

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