UnBoxing : The Surface Phone Concept


Hello, Welcome to CSTechFans. And Today we will be unboxing the Microsoft Surface Phone Concept. Lets get started up by knowing some history about Windows Phones & Microsoft Mobility operating system.
The Lumia line has failed, and Microsoft is now looking to the future with The “Surface Phone”. But what actually happened as Windows once an market share Leader in mobiles too. Back in 2007 when Microsoft Introduced the Windows Mobile 6.0 phones with touchscreens. But at the same time we know Apple iPhone become the popular choice as well as Android was in very early stages. But, with Windows Phone 7.0, 8.0 & 8.1 Microsoft was very eager to be in smartphone business indeed acquired “NOKIA” as 90% of the Windows powered mobile business was occupied by NOKIA. But as Android’s open sourcesness & iPhone’s premiumness become popular, the Market share just kept on declining over the years. But as Microsoft introduced its best windows yet  that’s the “Windows 10” which main concept was universalness which means one single App everywhere in Laptops, Desktops, Mobiles,etc. That’s why MSN came with an idea of giving Windows 10 Mobile another chance. But because of the platform’s buggyness & incomplete Software the operating system was not at all ready.

Now comes the Surface Phone whose name is of course derived from The newly Popular Microsoft Surface lineup Series. But, revolutionary innovativeness is required? What’s its concept? When it will release? Will it will release? I will answer your questions now one by one.

What Microsoft’s plan is as More and more users comes to the Windows 10 Platform, more developers will join the Universal Windows Platform if they create a app for PC it will work also on mobile.

Surface Phone would be an x86 device running real Windows 10, providing full access to the still robust Windows ecosystem, where apps and support is backed by 1.5 billion Windows users, not 10 million (Lumia Users) and fading.Imagine a Surface Phone with a 6.0-6.5 inch display, 4GB of RAM, 128-256-512GB ROM, Intel processor, stylus, an optical trackpad , a full size ISB 3.0 port ( or maybe just USB OTG), and full blown Windows 10.If Microsoft innovates such great device that will surely be an Competitive device than Google’s Android or it’s Old Enemy “Apple”.

Does Surface Phone exists?

Answer is “ A Big Yes” here you can see the leak patents moreover surface phone .com is now owned by Microsoft itself

When it will launch?

The Answer is “2018 surely”. According the Microsoft Officials they hae only concentrated on there core business for 2015, 2016 & 2017 that’s Windows 10 for Computers. They will look forward to mobility in 2018.

So That’s what make a surface phone Nope. It will be something that has High Camera Quality features, Good Quality Sound system powered by Microsoft Groove, The Surface Magic probably an Mobile that can replace your laptop or tablet it can be a fold able device. The Xbox gaming making it a powerful gaming device . And the best thing which we all are excited about the ability to run x32 win apps (desktop applications).

This is what The Microsoft Surface phone Concept.Please Like, Subscribe, Share & comment if you want more videos like this. Stay tuned with CS Tech Fans . Stay Windy, Andy & Macy!