Why Consumers Don’t Like Linux?


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Windows OS was introduced by Microsoft in November 10, 1985 by Bill Gates & Paul Allen. And Linux on 17 September 1991 (6 Years after Windows). Windows was very early to the Emerging Commuter Market & saw great potential & thereby signing an Non-Exclusive Deal with IBM made a great Push to the company. Whereas, Linux in those days was way more buggy & complicated to use for consumers & even for the developers (Unlike Now). Because of this Windows the User Friendly OS become an Industry Standard & started capturing tons of market share & acheived 92% (2017) Market Share till now. But, there lies an Important Question : Why Linux is Not Used by Consumers in These episode of The Insider Series. 

Linux Advantages over Windows!

  • Price ($0) : Well Linux Being Open Source OS. It’s The Biggest Advantage or Asset it have.
  • Licensing : You can Do whatever You want to do with it.
  • Diversity and Applications : Wide range of Products can be made with it! From Rassberypi machines to Having NSA!
  • Customization : Linux Provides open source Components for anyone to edit or update it! Literally you can customize it in any manner unlike Windows UI Desktop.
  • Size : Do you Know! You can Run Linux with just 8 MB RAM!
  • Development : You can learn BASH to manipulate your computer to your will! and make some really amazing apps with a few block of text
  • Security & Privacy : Biggest Advantage of Linux is that of Security! You date is lot more secured & encrypted.

Windows Advantages over Linux!

  • Legacy : Yep, We All Know Windows OS Rocks in terms of Consumer Market! World has been using Windows OS since Last 3 Decades.
  • Softwares & Apps : There are many Software & Application Developers for Windows Platform than any other Platform ever. Especially, With Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 there’s a huge boom for developers.
  • Support : Windows Support Ranks at No.1 spot as compared to any other OS in the World.
  • Gaming : There’s no Competitor in terms of PC Gaming. Windows still have a strong hold on Gaming market.
  • Enterprise Solution : Yes Linux has all the options too but, if you want to have a reliable, flexible, powerful IT department, Windows comes with amazing software for that purpose.

There’s a Third Competitor : Apple Mac OS

Don’t Miss, The Current Biggest Brands in the World! Apple too has its own Mac OS. One thing OS X stand apart from rest of its Competitors is that :

OS X has always been one of the most stable operating system. The reason behind is the limited hardware support. Apple has always been limited. But what they do is really brilliant. The hardware on which OS X runs in defined by Apple. — Suvrat Apte (Via Quora)

Consumers Choice : Windows 10 (Best Windows Yet 😉

Windows 10 Cover Photo
Windows 10 Cover Photo

Through there and many Reasons like less Support, familiarity, realibility, No Gaming,etc which are actually Very good in Windows OS / Mac Os, which makes Linux OS an Avoidable OS for Consumers.

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 now is being used by “500 Million Active Users Worldwide”. That’s just Great. Microsoft target is to get 1 Billion users on its OS Platform by the end of 2018.

That seems a bit tough but we never know what could be next big thing from Microsoft to accomplish its mission. The Insider Series EPS 1 we talked about the Microsoft Windows 10 Ecosystem from Desktops, Laptops & Tablets to Mobiles & smartphones.

Link : Windows 10 A Billion Users