Windows 10 : A Billion Users

Windows 10 Cover Photo
Windows 10 Cover Photo

Hello, Welcome to CSTechFans . At BUILD 2017 Event, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 now is being used by “500 Million Active Users Worldwide”. That’s just Great. Microsoft target is to get 1 Billion users on its OS Platform by the end of 2018. That seems a bit tough but we never know what could be next big thing from Microsoft to accomplish its mission. This Post is something different we will be talking about the Microsoft Windows 10 Ecosystem from Desktops, Laptops & Tablets to Mobiles & smartphones. So users stay tuned with CSTechFans.

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On 29 July 2015, Microsoft Announced its Best Windows yet, that’s the one & only Windows 10 & from there the whole journey of Windows 10 on each & every devices started. As Microsoft already an Market leader in terms of desktop OS Market share, Windows 7 was (& is) the most used desktop OS worldwide. So Microsoft gave its users an FREE upgrade to Windows 10 at $0. If they upgrades to the latest OS within 1 year. By this announcement, all the users very happy to try the new OS at No cost at all & the market share of the new OS went on increasing rapidly.

But after 1 Year, as the free period ended it saw a slight decrease in increase rate of Windows 10 Share. Though it was still increasing but at a lesser rate. Then because of earlier announcements of the Surface Devices like The Surface Book & Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10 gave Microsoft a Big Push to develop even more categories like we saw in the Surface Studio. All the Surface devices were purely Great & different from the others available. Windows 10 Also gave users more number of features that its earlier OS & its competitor’s OS like the Apple MAC. And gave them a tight Slap on the Face of Apple MacBook’s with the introduction of Surface Book i7, Surface Studio, etc. Now recently, announced Surface Laptop runs the newer version of OS : Windows 10 S which is now forcing various developers to develop apps, games & software’s for the 1 Billion Windows 10 Users. In BUILD 2017, Apple gave teaser that iTunes App is coming to Windows 10 Store. And That’s an Great News for the Windows 10 Platform & its ecosystem.

But Microsoft Windows 10 Ecosystem just lags behind nearly every one in terms of mobile OS. Microsoft tried very hard by acquisition of NOKIA, introducing various Lumia devices , Windows 10 Mobile OS, etc. from past 4-5 Years . But due to Bigger competition of Google’s Android & Apple’s IOS made this condition verse & OS itself wasn’t stable enough to be released but still Microsoft released it by introducing Lumia 950 & 950 XL but everything went wrong. Still all the Microsoft Fans have a Bright hope about Windows 10 running Surface Phone which is slated for a release in 2018-19 according to Microsoft officials itself which would not look like an traditional phone or smartphones we are using now a days in our lives. And of Couse slowly & steadily Microsoft is coming close to its 1 Billion Target which would give them more exposure to Developers & Consumers to use Windows 10 Across their all Devices.

Moreover, It’s Microsoft’s mission to “empower each & every citizen & organization on the planet to do more & to achieve more”. Windows 10 has been a great journey for Microsoft we have seen a more personal experiences from computering to Holograms & new ways to share, imagine, play, etc.

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