YouTube : Technical Guruji biased Apple Fan Boy


Hello welcome to CSTechFans & today this is new Web Post Series Where you will witness the YouTubers who once/often gives Biased Reviews. Stay Tuned!

Disclaimer : ​// This Post is made by Individuals , CSTechFans doesn’t have any Good Or Bad intention for the Post//

Being an Apple Inc. Fan Boy [Might be Sponsored] he always smashes Microsoft News & Products. 

Popular YouTuber Gaurav Chaudhary is well known for his videos dedicated to Technology. We also salute his work, dedication & ideas about his videos. 

Technical Guruji is a Tech Channel on YouTube channel (With More than 2 Million + Subscribers) run by Gaurav Chaudhary. Gaurav started his channel back in October 2015, during his college days (BITS Pilani), and then joined his family business after getting certified from Dubai Police as a Security Systems Engineer. But, then he was very keen about technology & started making YouTube videos regarding Technology.

Those videos were just Informative talkative videos rather than actually Unboxing Products. Giving good thoughts over tech products without any testing by just looking at the specifications. Ok I can digest it!

But, But, But Technical Guruji being an Apple Fan Boy (Even can be Sponsored), always underestimates or depresses contents (news) of others. On his TechTalks ke Episode’s : Just gives news promoting his likely liked companies, Sponsored companies, Rival Company (Biased once), done!

Video when Microsoft Introduced Surface Laptop, he just depressed idea saying “Why users will buy it! No one can install Apps outside of Windows Store“. Nor he Provided users saying “Surface Laptop users can Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for FREE within limited time span.

But No! He don’t provide users with Valuable, actual & true news.

Yes! We all know Technical Guruji as “Apple FanBoy”! But, please don’t underestimate the Power of Other Great Tech Companies which you would not find Good , But,

They Were, Are & Will be Great! Microsoft! Google! Sony! NOKIA! SAMSUNG!

All we as users/viewers must first check whether the content is really unbiased. Technical Guruji! Yes I too like your video content, but I am not requesting you, you must upload videos that are truly non-biased without criticizing biggest Tech Giants of the World.